The Wumaniti Earth Native
Sanctuary is one of the
most unique
charity organizations
on the planet
right now awakening
humanity to the healing
powers of micro-dosing
with hemp and
spending time
off grid with horses.

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Wumaniti Horse Church Every Sunday


Your Purchase Directly Supports
CONNECTING FAMILY to understanding the New Earth

Wumaniti mission is simple: to educate & promote the healing properties of hemp and horses

while cultivating permacultural and economic lifestyles within sustainable communities.

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 Wumaniti Mission of Green Sustainability because Mother Earth is our Church!  

All monies given on this site serves not only you,

it goes About ways of healing humanity in the USA!

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Wumaniti History

What Wumaniti has done and achieved in over 20 years is building a foundation of humanitarian service, community economic and agricultural opportunities.

It surrounds the cultivation of hemp, the healing powers of nature, and the therapeutic and transformative healing qualities of connecting with horses.

This has all happened within the Spiritual Mecca and surrounding communities of Taos, New Mexico, USA.

Achievements since starting Wumaniti in 2000


  • Being very proud to continue and have a hemp base business for the last 20 years long before hemp was legalized. Which is due to the fact of being recognized as a force for good, for healing, and for employment in the community. Please click here to view our Press on the website. The Wumaniti have been featured in many newspapers for the last 5 years in a row.


  • Working with the New Mexico Department of Agricultural about ways of legalizing cannabis hemp within Northern New Mexico.


  • In January of 2014 the Wumaniti incorporated as a 501c3 Charity Organization Church.


  • Gemma Ra'Star announced the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary growing cannabis hemp to the DEA, DOJ, and the State of New Mexico in May of 2015 which was before National Legalization.


  • Since then has successfully continued operating legally and has grown five harvest seasons that have all been recorded and supported by local newspapers.


  • In 2017 we grew 10 acres of Hemp with the Questa Mayor and Taos County Commissioner.


  • The Wumaniti created awareness and pioneered the overall sanctioning of hemp and cannabis as an important part of everyday life.


  • By making traditional plant medicine, and assisting others with their self-healing process, our founder is widely acclaimed as the first lady of Hemp and the only person to have written her own SOP and Code of Conduct for utilization, transport and growth of Hemp through Religious Freedom. ​


  • Created our own Organic Farm to Table products and the funding goes directly back to running our church production, administrative, youth and family programs.


  • Success Stories of Healings with Wumaniti Products and Ceremonies: Many success stories and testimonials of spiritual healing including children getting rid of seizures, successful in mitigating the symptoms putting arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and HIV and Herpes and moving it intoHomeostasis. In addition recovering addictions and abusive memories.


  • Expanding our exclusive membership to over 1,200 people.


  • Complimentary Taos Community Programs for Youth, Family & Veterans offering Cultural Equine Therapy services to over 20 different non-profit’s and schools in Northern New Mexico. Offering services to tourists, local community, veterans, youth at risk, behavioral health children, people on probation, inmates, and people recovering from abuse and addiction.



Our Mission supports:

Agricultural and Sustainable

Economic Lifestyles

within Cultural Communities in the USA

while Healing our bodies and the Earth's land.


  • Your Purchase benefits
  • your own healing plus
  • the monies go towards

the creation of sustainable youth and family events

involving self empowerment, cultural traditions

with growing food and global indigenous natural horsemanship.


  • Grow Food Now - Farm to Table Production
  • Career Learning Opportunities

Sustainable Housing - Tipi's, Yurts, Wagons, Adobe and Hempcrete Building


  • Cultural Equine Therapy Events & Horse Rides to Sacred Sites
  • Youth Arts Dance Music - Super Hero Training techniques
  • from Around the Indigenous Globe
  • Circles - Grieving & Empowering Circles,
  • Global Indigenous Ceremonies,
  • Singing Meditation's, movement, breath,
  • fitness, kinetic art, martial arts,
  • and magical horses in Parades.







WE Exist Because of YOU​

As a church and non-profit organization

we rely on generosity to be able to support our mission and our programs.

Without the unity of community minded people,

we would be unable to provide our programs and aid for others.

Your generosity will make a difference by allowing us to continue to support and serve the community.

Tax deductible donations are accepted.

We are endlessly appreciative. Many Blessings! Wumaniti



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