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Why Have Happy Seed Edibles?

Gummies and happy seed edibles are probably the yummiest and best way to enjoy the healthy benefits of CBD. They have several advantages such as long-lasting effects, ease of use, discreet usage, preset dosage, and best of all; they come in mouthwatering appealing flavors.    

What Makes Our Sugar Free Edibles So Special?

Our CBD Edibles are also available in the Sugar-Free option for people who like to keep their calorie intake in check. Like our every CBD product, our sugar-free edibles (candy bars) are also completely organic and free from all intoxicating chemicals substances. We only use the purest full-spectrum hemp oil to mix with sugar-free edibles, resulting in yummy treat filled with the healthy benefits of CBD. Our CBD edibles are available in a ton of flavors, so you’ll have a huge variety to choose from. Wumaniti believes that every product produced from our farm should be as close to nature as possible so our clients and family could enjoy completely natural CBD products.

What Are Our Sugar Free Candies Good For?

These sugar-free candies and edibles combine the healthy benefits of Xylitol and CBD to bring you a truly unique health-supporting snack. Our CBD products promote a natural healing and therapeutic process that is one with nature, so you heal not just your body, but your mind and soul as well.

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