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Our Founder

Kristin 'Gemma Ra'Star' DiFerdinando

​Founder/Mother/Medicine Woman

Cannabis MVP: Gemma Ra'Star

Gemma has spent almost two decades creating the non-profit Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary that champions hemp and cannabis outside of a state-sanctioned system.

Gemma announced her spiritual organization growing cannabis hemp to the DEA, DOJ, and the State of New Mexico in May of 2015, with the goals of agricultural and economic development in Indian Country and since then successfully grown five harvest seasons and continues to help create more jobs for our USA indigenous people.

Gemma has openly cultivated and offered hemp and cannabis, in a manner that created awareness and pioneered the overall sanctioning of hemp and cannabis as an important part of everyday life.

By making medicine, and assisting others with their self-healing process she is widely acclaimed as the first lady of Hemp and the only person to have written her own SOP and Code of Conduct for utilization, transport and growth of Hemp through Religious Freedom. ​

Learning From Our Past
Wumaniti is Flow Life

Gemma honors her ancestors by continuing her good work creating a sanctuary network of members that includes spiritual leaders, healers, and sacrament guides.


Through her commitment, she shares her gifts by offering hemp and cannabis education, blessings and activations for both individuals and large groups.


Gemma travels internationally and resides with her family in northern New Mexico where she continues to live in close direct mentorship with various elders and master teachers respecting the ways of the land.


She leads healing retreats and runs a Traditional Hemp Lodge.


Sharing her deep passion for music, children, horses, growing and making food, Gemma realizes these are the reasons she has been called to be a leader in the Hemp Industry’s future. ​

In 2010, Gemma founded the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary to give back and hold space for a new 2012 paradigm of love and light community.

In 2014, she incorporated the organization as a 501c3 charity organization.

The Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary is a bridge for community involved with indigenous European Traditions and Native American traditions, following the ways of the land.

Healing from Trauma, The Force and Drive Behind the scenes

Gemma Ra’Star has been living off-grid in Northern New Mexico for almost 20 years while servicing horses, children, and plant medicine foods in the ‘spiritual mecca’ of Taos, NM, USA. She is typically found in earth-based ceremonies motivating others. Impassioned by assisting with healing through her alchemy and the Hemp Heroe products, she is called upon to lead equine therapy sessions with families and our younger generations.
Ms. Ra’Star avidly encourages people to walk with the laws of the land.

Gemma is a survivor. 20 years ago, Gemma magically found Taos, NM and the traditional, native Pueblo lifestyles.

It was there several native families opened up their hearts and homes to her, a very broken child at that time, and afforded her life-altering blessings. She began to graciously find reasons to stay on this planet, healing from all the trauma she had been through. Ra’Star was given opportunities to learn several diverse cultural arts experiences in off-grid living, detox methods, working with wild mustangs, learning Qigong and Tai Chi from Taoist, attending earth-based ceremonies,
and eating plant based medicinal foods with hippies.



This vision deliberately provides pure, clean energy spaces focusing on sustainability and green solutions while ensuring the absence of predators, alcohol, harmful drugs, refined sugars, and abuse.

Ra' Star is continues to provide opportunities for youth and family to experience mediative earth-based ceremony in indigenous spaces releasing family and personal and lineage trauma so they don't have to relive what she experienced and/or finding self healing through one's trauma.

Our programs focus on youth and families. We intend to provide the implementation and growth stronger relations and connections with horses, water, plant medicine foods and the complicated ways of our mother earth.

​ We believe this was intended before all of mainstream televised society existed. We believe in peace and we live by this example.

Humility & Gratitude

"I have overcome ridicule, jealousy, envy and humiliation by people in my community and here I stand now being supported by some of the very best of New Mexico who have also been putting the same kind of sweat , blood and tears to make this medicine more readily available for the citizens of our beautiful New Mexico and beyond. "
Gemma's efforts have been supporting sustainable economic, agricultural, and healing growth within indigenous communities, while building eco-conscious hemp practices. ​