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"In March of 2017 I stayed at a 3 day Retreat in Northern New Mexico at the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary. I had a profound realization of how alcohol was disrupting my life.

Its been over 3 years since I had a drink. After that Retreat I never touched alcohol again. Thank you Wumaniti, thank you Gemma"

-Adam Dunn 05/26/2020


"I bought my son a Vitality Plan, he unfortunately suffered from bad alcoholism and has usually had to take a lot of pills to deal with withdrawals. After a month on the Vitality Plan, and Primordial Honey, he had a serious breakthrough with his depression and suicide. He was able to withdrawal with out pharmaceuticals."

-Bonnie Harrison  




"To become a whole person, three aspects of our being, body, mind and soul must be brought into harmony, the flowing of the energies of life that bring about a state of joyful peace.

Wumaniti’s spiritually holistic philosophy, their exceptional CBD based products -Oils, Balms, gummy drops, chocolate et al provide the ideal intelligent self-repairing lifestyle survival products which embrace aspects of the entire body; living every day in harmony within inner and outer nature.

After many years living with spastic pain and insomnia, I am, since August 2017 to now, relieved of spasms and sleep gently every night.

When you look for a way to achieve a harmonious expansion of your health:
are seeking nourishment of unused energy, equilibrium,
the heightened more potent natural functioning in daily life,
calming the monkey mind, finding internal peace,
head clearing, feeling oneself at home, ability to alter day to day situations at your disposal
Wumaniti Hemp Phytonutrients are a non-toxic, reliable wellness investment in
oneself. After three years of taking the nighttime oil to sleep effortlessly, smoothly and
uninterrupted each night, with a more balanced stable energy during the day with day
time oil, Wumaniti Hemp Phytonutrient products [including the Frankincense and Rose Bodycare,
delicious Hemp bars, Honey and Tea Bags] are truly and totally an investment in your
Self, body, mind and Soul.

Coming to the fountain of rejuvination

A daily routine I wouldn’t
​miss for the world


- Ora Abel Russel Film Director of Netflix Wisdom Keepers


"May the love and blessings, the bliss and the peace, felt in my body heart mind and soul as I imbibe the plant sacraments of the Wumaniti Earth Sanctuary, be amplified and returned in kind. A fleet of my best allies be directed to the arrangement of an ideal piece of land for She and Her horses. Merry Christmas Gemma I love you. " -Anna Joy❤

"Thank you so much for your time and conversation when I ordered my Sacred Salve. We feel at home in Taos and I got my first salve at your shop a few years ago. I found myself using it more in 2020 as it became a part of my daily prayers for peace, healing and strength. I breath deeply into the jar or rub the salve between my palms and remind myself to 'breath love, exhale gratitude". I am transported each evening to Taos and the spiritual connection that is so prominent there. Thank you so much for that little reminder, your amazing products and your contribution to the good of this planet and its people. I look forward to visiting when i can get back to Taos."

- Gail Paterson

I am so thankful for Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary and the CBD Hemp Oil. My Mom has been using the daytime and nighttime for about 1 year. She actually gets a solid nights sleep now! She went off it for awhile to see how her sleep changed and noticed she didn't sleep so well. She is back to taking it again and sleeping really well. She also was told she may have Parkinson's Disease but was not given a definite diagnosis but has a kind that makes her feel rigid. She still has some rigidity but she feels no pain with it. She does feel like her movements are better when she stays on a cycle of using the sacred oils. Certainly I have noticed that she has been more active doing gardening, helping friends and family with tasks and her overall outlook on life as well. Thank you to all who have been involved, especially Gemma. You are helping my Mom to enjoy living her life. She says "Thank You" too.

-Tammy Updike



"I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your Organic CBD Body Care paste. I suddenly came down with Dyshidrotic Eczema on my hands. I've never had dry skin in my life before, but due to menopause, this affliction happened to me in August 2017. A friend recommended your CBD paste. She let me try her sample. It immediately felt good on my hands so I decided to give it a try! Let me tell you first, that I went to the eczema association's website and bought a couple of their recommended lotions. NONE of them did anything for me. I was in quite a bit of discomfort. My hands were painful and terribly itchy. They were red, scaly and in areas, they had tiny blisters at the base of my fingers. The association's recommended lotions didn't ease any discomfort, itchiness or dryness. It was a total waste of money. However, within just one day of use, your ointment had my hands looking and feeling MUCH better! Within 5 days, they were back to normal! Thank you so much for making this wonderful paste!

Ps: I was out to lunch with my friend Andrea. She had one horribly dry patch on her hand....along her inner thumb and index finger. She said it's been a problem for years...she even goes to a dermatologist for it. He gives her lotions and when they don't work, she'll go in for a shot when it gets really bad. I was almost down to the bottom of my jar of your CBD paste, so I gave her the remainder to try. The next morning, she texted me: "What IS this miracle ointment?????" Her dry patch is now also healed! I saw her over Thanksgiving and her dry patch is gone!"

-Kelly Zamonski



"The Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary membership card helped me get my cannabis medicine back from the airport TSA and they even let me fly with it to Costa Rica, I have utilized the card several times and I would never leave home without it!"

- Chris LaPlante


"By far the most superior product I have found to date. The results of this healing medicine were noticeable within a few short days! I am so very blessed I was introduced to Wumaniti! Gemma has helped change our lives for the better! The prices and the quality of her product by far exceeds everything else we have found or tried!"

-Tara Groves


"The body butter salve is a lifesaver. I try and keep some in my purse at all times and now it is a must for travel. All the products are good. The capsules and the oils seem powerful and the hemp bars helped fuel me through a trip to Asia. Cultural horse camp for kids; the intentions surrounding Wumaniti are way cool. Supporting this business feels good. I am a fan.  

-Keri Pickett



"I used the cbd body care on a small patch of eczema. It cleared it up in 2 days! The body care works great for my kids aches and pains as well as for healing sunburn and over all skin care. And there oil is amazing when it comes to headaches. This stuff is phenomenal and Gemma is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help those with an open heart and mind."

-Winona Winters



"I have tried the CBD oils and found them to be of good quality. I appreciate the levels of testing that the products are required to go through. My daughter suffered from intense sleep anxiety and the nighttime oil helped immensely! I am looking forward to trying them first to help with my anxiety instead of a pharmaceutical. I also appreciate the healing work they do with horses! "

-Leah Mayes


"I went to the Santa Fe Place Mall while I was in Santa Fe and there was this hemp store and I went in to check it out and the cashiers and i were talking about how CBD helps with anxiety and depression and I just full-on broke down crying and then started to apologize to them for crying and they said "Don't be sorry, don't apologize, it's okay. We are here to help." I met the guys service dog and he gave me 100% hemp hankie for my tears, they gave me some free stuff and I bought some oil then I came back into Albuquerque. This was before the grand opening for the Santa Fe location. The CBD oils I bought helped and continue to help me more than I thought it would. Thank you Wumaniti."

-Jasmine Garcia



"Wumaniti’s products are helping to save my life. They are being used judiciously for healing of the central nervous system as well as the brain, among other “parts” of this bodily vehicle. All products used thus far are intelligently powerful, especially when combined with meditation and surrender. Along with the moment-by-moment living in the now, these are my healing facilitators.

The CBD products, with varying degrees of THC, are remarkable in that they leave one’s head clear when dosed correctly and resolve negativity or whatever it is you are working on. I have used top-of-the line CBD for a few years now, and Wumaniti’s tops them all.

I am grateful to Gemma and her tribe for their courage, tenacity and service to Gaia and her denizens in bringing in more and more light of understanding through the use of Divine Mother Earth’s medicine. And this is the tip of the iceberg. Blessings, Wumaniti!"

-Che Ann



"This place is the manifestation of a dream to provide a healing community through plant medicine. By honoring ancient practices, one another, and the planet, we WILL create a new paradigm. It is a honor to know Gemma and all those who are a part of this transformative mission! Many blessings!"

-Mary Taylor Valand



"I have been working with Gemma and the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary for years watching the grassroots sustainablility bloom espescially within the indigenous communities like a music video, a reality tv show!!!! I have watched them grow and work through the opposition that has come up in there community and make peaceful relations. The work they are doing is love and light and when the light shines it brings down barriers of emotional distress and sometimes there is hate that comes up and the ones who work through it just bloom and grow with Wumaniti. I have met so many amazing members and people at the circles and ceremonies! Thank you for the work you are doing! Keep shining and hopefully the haters will shine one day soon! Grace Love and gratitude to all relations~ Mitakyue Oyasin is Lakota , the Great Plains people of the East and it means to “all relations” 🌺🌸🦋"

-Breathe Love


"My dad is 83 years old and has been taking the oil since June and I kid you not, he has gone from taking nine pills a day to only one for his thyroid. And the doctors are even considering taking him off that! This stuff works!"

-A. F. Martinez


"I buy the Nighttime Hemp capsules for my mother who is 88 years old. She has been using this product for a while now and initially started using it for insomnia and to relax more in the evening. When you get older you have much more trouble sleeping at night and this product helps to calm her down so she can have a restful night. This product overall has improved her life for the better. We would absolutely return to Wumaniti to buy more products!"

-Belinda Herbal


"I purchased the Hemp oil for aches and body pains. I'm a 44 year old athlete that does obstacle course racing and this product has been very helpful after my races to relax tense muscles and relieve pain. I would say this product has been very helpful for me and would return to buy more."

-Brian Colley



"My girlfriend and I have been using the Hemp daytime and nighttime oils and they have done wonders. I have been so much calmer and not felt so anxious during the day. Also im someone who has a very active mind and has so much trouble sleeping and this oil seemed to have solved that issue. We also use this product for its anti inflammatory properties and overall wellness. This oil is much better then most products out there on the market today. I highly recommend the daytime and nighttime oil and will be back to buy more!"

-Simon Feavearyear



"Wumaniti offers the best of hemp herbal treatments that i have ever encountered."

-Mark Timmerman



Great customer service and Gemma at Wumaniti is present to each one's individual medicinal hemp needs. The best CBD oil I have used, thus far. It has added herbs that are delicious and that completely support my energy levels. I received a drug test directly after taking it and it came out clean.

-Compassionate Angel



Wumaniti's chocolate hemp protein bars are AWESOME. I used to drive to Colorado for CBD oil & topical creams, but no longer - I can get all that I need right here in Taos. YAY!!! THANK YOU for FINALLY opening a hemp store in town. Hemp, hemp, hooray!!

-Polly Amourous


Im 71 years old and I have just began to learn about the CBD products and the daytime & nighttime oil are my first purchase from Wumaniti, but so far I really like whats its done for me. I started taking this product to basically "just feel good". It has helped me with body aches and pain, but what I've really noticed has been my sleeping patterns. I sleep so soundly at night now. I will continue to purchase and use this product.

-Craig Trowe



"I stopped into Wumaniti Taos when I was visiting from Florida recently and was recommended the nighttime oil. I've only just started taking it but, I've already noticed a difference in my arthritis pain and my sleep. I wanted to try a CBD product because I believe its a good alternative medicine as opposed to pills and all the chemicals the FDA approves. This product makes me feel like a whole new person! I'm 65 years old and I have a constant struggle with Thyroid Disease. This product has given me back my energy and allows me to function "normally" during the day. I will most certainly continue to buy this product and visit the Wumaniti Sanctuary whenever I travel to Taos! "  

-Yvonne Feavearyear


"Thank you for the ointment! That stuff seriously works!"

​-Jess W. (after treating a strained muscle)


I have tried so many pain creams. But none of them really work. Actually, the only thing that helps is that cream!

-Teresa Trujillo (recovering from lower back surgery)


"The CBD Oil helps with my aches, fatigue, and pains from my autoimmune disease. It helps daily with my anxiety, digestive problems and headaches."

-Chelsea Streit

Before                                                                                                                               After

“I actually was using the daytime oil and the frankincense and rose body care and it got rid of this wound I had and I am amaze I have no scar!!! Wow!! I am a believer”

-Asrat Elizabeth

"I have practiced deep tissue massage for over 30 years, I started using hemp salve on my clients and now in my 60s I too receive the benefits of CBD salve in my fingers and hands while massaging."

- Janet Boccelli Taos, NM.


Over 20+ years our founder Gemma Ra'Star has been serving the Taos, USA, community with Hemp Flower Products.