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Organic Full Spectrum CBD Capsule

One of our most liked products is the 30mg CBD capsules that are infused with our whole-plant, full-spectrum CBD oil comprising of a vast range of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. We prioritize quality, and to ensure our product is free of impurities, we extract and manufacture our CBD capsules in house.

We not only use natural ingredients but employ chemical-free processes. We acquire the CBD-rich extract using a natural process from the hemp grown on our farms. The extract is then prudently diluted with fractionated pure oil to achieve accurate CBD concentration. Our vegan capsules are then finally produced after adding natural ingredients to the prepared extract for consistent servings.

Our CBD capsules undergo various tests for potency to guarantee that they are free from toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides. 

The best way to benefit from CBD is the full spectrum capsule that is both pure and convenient. The propriety extraction process ensures you the most refined and potent product that has nothing but organic coconut oil and unadulterated CBD extract.


What makes full-spectrum CBD capsules different?

Our full spectrum CBD capsules or cannabidiol has been a source of relief from a score of ailments that include insomnia, anxiety, stress, and diseases like cancer. The naturally derived compound eases up the tense muscles and induces feelings of tranquility and sleepiness. They are anti-inflammatory and have anti-convulsive properties. There are no psychoactive effects to these capsules, unlike the THC capsules, as they are made from hemp.



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