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New Mexico Members agree to give a pledge between a sliding scale of $108.00- $300.00 annually.

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Privacy Policy: Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary (herein as “WENS”) asserts the same rights and freedoms that all other legally recognized religions receive; including no financial or membership disclosure to any government agency.

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Do Not Cause Intentional Harm:

Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary follows the universal rule to not conscientiously, intentionally harm anything, including the earth, or any person. Therefore Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary believes in supporting and perpetuating special societal efforts like fair-trade and sustainable technology, and other similar affirmative efforts to truly cause no harm to anyone or anything.

We Are All One: Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary bases all religious and spiritual practices and beliefs on traditional Earth Indigenous beliefs that all life is connected, all is one, not just on earth, but in the entire universe. Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary also believes that because we are all one.

When divinity is experienced by one, divinity may be experienced by all; and divinity experienced by one will create the ability for all life to experience and know the same for themselves. Therefore, we aim to experience divinity not just for personal religious and spiritual development, we aim such development for all life. How We Learn: We learn to connect with our individual and universal divinity first from our Great Creator, Mother Earth, second from our own divine knowledge, and third from others who have done so before us, and offer benevolent assistance.

Learning from the earth may include the sacred use and guidance of plant sacraments which may include but not limited too Cannabis, Hemp, Mushrooms, Vines, Cactuses and Bird of Prey Feathers, in line with one’s divine truth and guidance, and also includes learning directly from the sun, moon, water, wind, rocks, trees, all our sacred elements and directions.

We Are All Connected By Love: Love is what keeps us connected in this physical world where things appear separate, but they are truly not separate. Where there is love, there is no fear; and where there is no fear, there is no separateness. Thus, love being the underlying principle in all actions and thoughts, as thoughts are things; and thus we aim to keep pure clean energy in our thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions. I have read the above and agree to follow the above.

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