• Water

    Sustainable waters from

    traditional acequia systems,

    rivers, the rain,

    and solar/wind powered pumps

    from delicious aquifers!  

    Water is Life!

    Clean Water and Delicious Minerals.

  • Soil

    Grown in the high elevation sunlight-fed organic rich non GMO soils!

    Traditionally farmed with the holy mountain people!

    Also amending the soil with amazing organic materials from different parts of the world that have

    been working with this plant medicine hemp flower mama!

    We make our own soil with the help of our Horses.

    Bella and Baby Bambino -Horse Dance Equine Therapy in Taos, NM, USA

  • Elevation

    We grow our hemp flowers out in the High desert of Northern New Mexico Mountain Tops and Plateaus!

    Above is one of the Wumaniti seed genetics greenhouse for all your Hemp Flower More than CBD Seeds.

  • Farms and Harvesting

    On our farms you can learn about planting, watering, making your own nutrients, traditional sustainability, harvesting, and the many uses.

    Our members grow with us, apply for membership here.

  • Production

    Our Kitchen & Extraction Space is so

    simple and basic because our recipe dates back

    1,000's and 1,000's of years, before there was heavy machinery, co2, and/or ethanol.

    No Poisons, heavy machinery, or chemicals

    We utilize certain times in the farmers seasons by the way the horse migrates, and the moon and sun cycles to extract our plant medicine mama's hemp flower sacrament.

  • Our Table

    Our table is rich in culture and good times.

    Above: Sampling our Hemp Heroe Products at a Local Supermarket 2016 Taos, NM, USA.

    Come see our TABLE at 203 Ledoux St. Taos, NM 87571.Our Fundraising Commodity Showcase and downtown events space.