• There are many strains of Hemp Cannabis L Sativa.

    There are Hemp strains utilized for making fiber, making seeds, making Hempcrete, and making Homegrown medicine.

    Wumaniti Hemp Flowers provide you with all the healthy benefits.

    Why we are different?

    We grow Homegrown Hemp Flowers medicinally.

    Traditional vs Solvent/Poison & Machine Extractions

    We utilize the Organic/Non-GM0 Hemp Flower's vs Industrial Hemp Stalks/Leaf (even by product!)

    Our Hemp Flowers will thrive you with maintaining focus, concentration, and clarity throughout the span of its effects.

    You will feel a sense of well-being, relieve stress to give rise to an open state of mind without focus on mental clutter.

  • What does Landrace strain mean?

    Broadly speaking, a Landrace is a pure hemp cannabis strain cultivated in its natural environment which has never been crossbred with another variety.

    What does a Hybrid Landrace Strain mean?

    Hybrid landrace strains are landrace varieties crossbred together.

    Our Hemp Flowers are loaded with Phytocannabinoids, Phytonutrient's, Antioxidants, Omegas, Fatty Acids, Carotene, Chlorophyl, Amino Acids, Terpenes, Flavinoids, Vitamin B, D, & E

    Within Human's and Animal's exist an Endocannabinoid System which has receptors throughout the body.

    Once in the bloodstream, elements of hemp accelerate the regeneration of new cells and assists in the elimination of dead or infected cells with everyday use hemps maintain human and animal health.

  • Cherry Cherry Hemp Flowers (Hybrid)

    Lineage: The Cherry Cherry hemp flower is a strain where its lineage is a topic of dispute among cannabis and hemp farmers. The common word around is that the Cherry Cherry strain is a hybrid of Purple Afghani and OG Kush.

    Taste: The flavor smells of organically grown cherries.

    Effects: Great Strain for taking it slow and giving yourself relaxed times!

  • T-1 Hemp Flowers (Hybrid)

    Lineage: The T1 hemp flowers is a strain where its lineage is a topic of dispute among cannabis and hemp farmers, some believe combination of Colorado farmers and the Afghan Skunk.

    Taste: Our T1 hemp flowers dominant citrus and fruity flavors, the taste of berries, cheese, maple, and sandalwood.

    Effects: Allow supreme calm and relaxation, keep you cool, calm, collected, and relaxed for hours effects that relax the mind and alert the senses.

  • Annie Oakley Hemp Flowers (Wumaniti Hybrid)

    The Flowers we make our Hemp Heroe™ Products with.

    Lineage: The Annie Oakley is a strain where its lineage is the Heinz 57 of landrace and hybrid landrace strains. An in-house strain created by: Hindu Kush, Pakistan. (landrace)Mt Altai, Mongolia. (landrace)Durban Poison, Africa. (landrace)Kush, Hungary. (landrace)Cherry Cherry (hybrid landrace)Lamb's Bread, Jamaica.Acapulco Gold, Mexico.T-1 (hybrid landrace)

    Taste: These flowers are sweet and savory and is quite well off a balanced mix of light fruity notes with a hint of earthy tones.

    Effects: This strain is telepathic. It will amplify your deepest desires so watch out! Make sure your thoughts are happy and creative! Multi-Tasking day dream to finding relief and entertaining yourself!