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Complimentary Community Programs for Youth, Family & Veterans.

Wumaniti Outreach programs offer healing, self-sustainability practices, and safe creative outlets in local communities.


- We warmly welcome veterans, families, youth at risk and children with special needs.


- We provide a clean and safe environment free from alcohol, drugs, refined sugars and predators.


- Wumaniti also hosts programs in which eligible children and families, as well as elders, may receive FREE hemp/CBD medicine, directly from our non-profit.


-Women and Men empowering circles, grieving circles and learning non - violent communication skills.


Equine Activities - Healing with Horses / Equine Therapy & Warrior Skills 

-Interaction with our horses through retreats, private sessions, school appearances, parades and ceremonies.


- Archery - Learn the basic archery styles and techniques from around the globe.


Pony Rides


We currently offer our horse rides to schools to help fundraise at events focused on after school and outdoor adventure programs.


Mediation with Horses


Come out and learn how working with your own energy around horses works towards healing your life dramas through mediation with horses.


Youth Art & MusicSafe spaces for children and families to creatively express themselves with arts and crafts like making dream catchers, regalia, drawing pictures, beadwork, etc.

Full Moon Dances

Every Full Moon

Join us for our free community dance party.

Come dressed up in your favorite regalia and perform.


Wumaniti supports drug/alcohol free music and dance events.

Grow Food Now

Learning about the importance of growing food as medicine following laws of the land.


Learn how to grow their own food, and natural food medicines in support of our mission.


Creating edible food forest in communities for youth, families, elders, and veterans.

Youth Horseback Chi Gong