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  • Love, Light, & Gratitude!

    Ready to relax more, sleep better and feel relieved more?

    WENS offers the conscious community natural relief by providing memberships to those who honor the WENS code of ethics and the tenets of faith throughout the USA including but not limited too may be carrying plant medicine sacraments.

     WENS is open to all ethnicity, race, color, and religion of people who are making the effort of living peacefully towards sustainability on earth in making the effort of conserving sustainable earth-based practices. Ancient Wisdom and History, WENS is a earth-based religion that has incorporated many ancient spiritual practices dating back 12,000 years. WENS is empowering safety, guidance, and hope to its members to continue a path of healing.

  • How does the membership card work?

    All Ages - Under 18 years old requires for one guardian to be a member.

     We warmly welcome veterans, special needs, and elders.

    Since 2010, the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary (herein as WENS), for 12+ years has been issuing identification membership cards as a true service of divinity's freedom for plant medicine activists and sustainable leaders.

    Exercising practices of conservation and empowering the laws of earth-based ceremonial practices and disciplines.

    Being a member of the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary gives the opportunity to stand with an established transparent grassroots bonafide sustainable organization of like-minded people and animals.

    Membership cards are recognized Nationwide for the spiritual utilization, growth, and transport of plant medicine sacraments as stated in the tenets of faith including but not limited to cannabis flowers, mushrooms, cactuses, and vines.

    Righteous Action-Taker's

    In 2014, WENS declared itself to the IRS, DOJ (Department of Justice), and DEA (Drug Enforcement Association) proving a history of our mission here on earth.

    In that same year of 2014, our membership was blessed to became an official 501c3 to serve our members as a way of life to encourage and free us from worries or problems around carrying sacred plant medicines.

    WENS members pledge our best to honor self-development within the existing natures freedoms.

  • Wumaniti Logo

    Code of Ethics

    Members adhere to the following

    I agree to absolutely no alcohol abuse.

    I agree to absolutely no drug use with man-made drugs to include heroin, crack, co-caine, and methamphetamines.

    I agree not to abuse any substance that would cause harm to oneself or anyone else including but not limited to harmful pharmaceutical drug abuse, or abuse of any mind altering substance.

    Respect for all people & earth, I agree not to intentionally harm others sexually, spiritually, or physically.

    Violation in the above or get in trouble with the law in any way regarding the above, understand WENS may not claim you as a member, and your membership, and any additional agreement we may have together, may be immediately and permanently terminated and/or revoked.


    In this Day in Age, the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary members understand the importance of following self-care and self-disciplines when it comes to the Code of Ethics.

  • Tenet's of Faith

    1) Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary (hereinafter referred by WENS) spiritual practices are inspired and conducted congruent with Earth-based spiritual practices, cultivated over the millennia. All WENS spiritual practices also respect the common good, with due regard for public safety, health, and order.

    2) WENS believes that all life making the attempt of living in a good way, are children of our Mother Earth, Great Creator; WENS is open to membership of all people, regardless of racial, ethnic, cultural, or religious background.

    3) Do Not Cause Intentional Harm: WENS follows the universal rule to not conscientiously or intentionally harm anyone, including any person, Earth, or any of her children. T​his includes sexually, emotionally, spiritually, or physically. Therefore WENS believes in supporting and perpetuating special societal efforts like fair-trade and sustainable technology, and other similar affirmative efforts to truly cause no harm to anyone or anything.

    4) We Are All One: WENS bases all religious and spiritual practices and beliefs on life is connected, all is one, not just on earth, but in the entire universe. WENS also believes that because we are all one, when divinity is experienced by one, divinity may be experienced by all. Divinity experienced by one will create the ability for all life to experience and know the same for themselves. Therefore, we aim to experience divinity not just for personal religious and spiritual development, we aim for such development for the higher good of all life.

    5) How We Learn: We learn to connect with our individual and universal divinity first from our Great Creator Mother Earth, second from our own divine knowledge, and third from others who have done so before us, and offer benevolent assistance. Learning from the earth may include the sacred use and guidance of plant sacraments which may include but not limited to Cannabis, Flowers, Grasses, Tree Barks, Mushrooms, Vines, Cactuses and Bird of Prey Feathers, in line with one’s divine truth and guidance, and also includes learning directly from the sun, moon, water, wind, rocks, trees, all our sacred elements and directions. WENS directly opposes alcohol abuse, and man-made drugs to include heroin, cocaine, crack-cocaine and methamphetamines. WENS opposes abuse of any substance that causes harm to oneself or anyone else, including but not limited to harmful pharmaceutical drug abuse.

    6) We Are All Connected By Love: Love is what keeps us connected in this physical world where things appear separate, but we are truly not separate. Where there is love, there is no fear; and where there is no fear, there is no separateness. Thus, as love is the underlying principle in all actions and thoughts, as thoughts are things, we aim to keep pure, clean energy in our thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions.