Hemp Heroe™ Vitality Lifestyle Program

The Wumaniti is here to serve you dear onebecause now is a good time to take your health,relationships and abundance to your next level of fun.


Wumaniti's Hemp Heroe™ products Maximize Passion

and Creativity, Health, Abundance, and Relationships!

  • free health consultation and instructions

    Dedicate a few minutes ~ morning and evening ~ to nourish your life with our vitality plan that comes with a free health consultation and instructions based on your desired health goals!!!

    Invest today with our complete line!

    Call us: 575-776-2856 and we will expedite your

    Hemp Heroe™ Vitality Lifestyle Program©!

    - Sublingual Oils   - Bodycare   - Breathing  

    - Self Massage

    - Capsules     - Edibles    

    - Affirmations - Movement

    The testimonials and benefits experienced have been:

    Relaxing and regenerating Brain, Heart, Muscle, and Organ & Cognitive Function.

    Strengthen the immune, endocrine and nervous system.

    Stay creative, energetic and alert during the day.

    Become worry-free and react calmly.

    Go to bed and sleep through the night!

  • The Importance of Investing into ones personal health

    The feeling of a rich lively longer and happier life perhaps?Is feeling aligned everything allow abundance?When was the last time you spend money on yourself?How much money gets spend ondaily and monthly bills, coffee/lattes, fuel for vehicles, eating out, etc.Our Body, Mind, and Spirit represent the world around us.Check out our Testimonials on how Wumaniti Hemp Products are therapeutically beneficial for the whole family.