Green Building Workshop

Green Building Workshop

September 18 - October 6th

Earthbag Survival Pod

Earthbag construction is an inexpensive building method using mostly local soil to create structures which are both strong and can be quickly built.

It is a natural building technique developed from historic military bunker construction techniques and temporary flood-control dike building methods. The technique requires very basic construction materials: sturdy sacks filled with organic material usually available on site.

Standard earthbag fill material has internal stability. Either moist subsoil that contains enough clay to become cohesive when tamped, or a water-resistant angular gravel or crushed volcanic rock is used. Walls are gradually built up by laying the bags in courses—forming a staggered pattern similar to bricklaying.

The walls can be curved or straight, domed with earth or topped with conventional roofs. Curved walls provide good lateral stability, forming round rooms and/or domed ceilings like an igloo.

In this workshop we will be building an earthbag survival shelter.

 In this 19 day intensive workshop we will be teaching the ins and outs of constructing a earthbag survival shelter. This is a hands on workshop so plan to get dirty and go home with knowledge, confidence, and the ability to craft your very own survival shelter. 5 days a week 8 hours a day with 2  meals a day. This workshop is the first major project in our mission to build sustainable villages and teach off-grid lifestyles.

If you wish to participate but the fee would cause hardship please fill out our financial aid form. We have limited funding but we are able to help with 30% of the workshop fee.

We will be meeting Monday September 18th from 8-5 for instructions and preliminary instruction. This workshop must fill to a minimum of 4 people 6 max. If you have someone in mind that you think would benefit please invite them to participate.

For further information and assistance please call 575-776-2856.

See you there!!!




September 18th @ 8:00 am


October 6th @ 5:00 pm



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