The Dakota 38+2: Untold History of USA

The Dakota 38+2: Untold History of USA

We celebrate Thanksgiving without really understanding the history about what we are told we are celebrating.

Please support our dedicated Dakota Lakota tribal members doing the 38-2 Memorial Ride this year.

Hau hau. Wopila tanka tuwe.

Please if you can Support the Warriors who are riding to end the destruction to our Native American culture! Toksa!
Hau hau. Wopila tanka tuwe.
There a few Dedicated Dakota Lakota horse nation brothers and sisters currently on the Dakota 38+2 memorial ride, please show your support.
5$ 10$ 20$ anything helps.
If you are interested you can send donation to the brother @TCFallis on Venmo.
Wopila Tanka



“CRST Mni Coujou Lakota Sioux WaawanglakAMni (water protector)” 

-Kape Teal

The Dakota 38+2 Reconciliation Ride began in 2005 and has continued every year to promote reconciliation between American Indians and non-Native People. It is a prayer in the dead of cold, which is a sacrifice the Dakota riders make for reconciliation and healing. To honor the 38 Dakota Warriors hung in 1862 and two more 1864.

Horseback riders, runners and supporters alike make the 330-mile journey from Lower Brule, South Dakota to Mankato, Minnesota during the dead of winter. 

-Saint Joseph's Indian School

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