Protect yourself from Coronavirus with our Vitality line

Protect yourself from Coronavirus with our Vitality line

In this world of fear and strife, take this sacred plant sacrament to protect you and your loved ones from the forces that be that strike a rift in the hearts of those who don't believe.

Find your faith and return to the true source.

Amazing changes await and personal transformation of mind body spirit. 

With the sun in Pieces we might feel like we are floating through the unknown.

Mercury moves into Aquarius tomorrow so Hemp Heroe sacrament will

help to pull out that rift,

come together,

create unity between the many,

and find some grounding energy.

Venus in Taurus means it's time to up the sexy with our Lemon Cake Body Butter: A Supreme Sensual Skincare.

The loving caress means so much more at this time.

And as the moon is in Gemini, it's important to take care of both sides of our emotions, that of giving and receiving, the dark and the light, the known and unknown.

Let your body find homeostasis with our daytime and night time oils.

Now available individually or as a part of our Vitality Line.

Our state of the art comprehensive plan to bring health, wealth, and relationships to you.

 Invest in yourself today

£ots of £ove,


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