Mental Health Crisis is the Biggest Pandemic

Mental Health Crisis is the Biggest Pandemic

The statistics for America and depression are stunning.

Lets face it.. there has always been folks feeling blue and feeling down but with the lockdown from the pandemic this is really like something out of a movie. The kind of movie where HEROES are needed to save the planet.

Its said that 1 in 5 Americans suffered with some mental illness and anxiety as we live through the pandemic.(Article on Mental Health, Vice 2021) With the media fear mongering, changes in being, expected to fall in line, and the forced norm of separation; its not hard to think that soon it'll be 1 in 2 suffering from some mental illness. That's half the country!

Suffering like this leads to the reasons why domestic violence, drug overdoses, suicides, homelessness, and crimes are at an all time high in America.

Brainwashing is also at an all time high right now. Where if and when you do commit a crime as a result of trying to survive in this pandemic, you are sent to jail and THEN you can see a therapist and maybe get the help you need. You are expected to think that "I might never have gotten help if I never went to jail." This is a brainwashing method and it leads to dependency. You do not have to go to jail to get help. 

We here at Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary are leaders in our community of Taos for dissolving fear through education, instilling strength by leading by example and creating true community by bringing us all together. Working, playing, growing and learning from one another! We know how a strong mentality is needed to lead us all into stepping out and stepping up with healing from all that this pandemic has done to us all. We have been here before and will be here through out, For you.

We will never stop being the stars that shine the light that shatters the darkness. We mean it when we say, "We are here for you."

Please feel free to call, click, or if your close.. stop by!



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