June 2022 Horseback Archery Ground Training for Beginners

June 2022 Horseback Archery Ground Training for Beginners

Every Wednesday and Saturday 4-6pm in the month of June, join us in Taos for an experience of stepping back into time.

Gemma Ra'Star your trainer is really happy to be offering this to the Taos Community here!

She has one student driving to every class from Sun Valley which is 45 mins away!

We provide the equipment and this is a beginner class focusing on knocking

( putting the arrow on and shooting the arrow) and speed shooting.

Very repetitive because we are learning traditional styles.

Lots of fun and great for learning focus and discipline.

Horseback Archery is a sport and discipline that dates back to the Scythians, a tribe from over 12,000 years ago that lived in the ways of the land.

The Scythians were true believers of cannabis and horsemanship.

It actually made them very powerful during their high points in war time.

We will go more into Scythians another time.

Our training is at our professional outdoor archery arena in Taos, New Mexico.

We provide the equipment. Safety First. Please come sober.

Thank you and RSVP at 575-776-2856

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