Improving Athletic Performance with Hemp Heroe Energy Bars

Improving Athletic Performance with Hemp Heroe Energy Bars

Having a hard time finding a legitimate Health Snack to keep your energy up throughout the day? Most protein, energy bars and snacks are packed with preservatives, harmful sugars, and unhealthy animal biproducts that ruin the whole point of healthy nutrition and building/strengthening the body. This makes eating and staying healthy difficult when there is no processed food one can trust anymore, therefor you find yourself having to prepare all your own meals which can be time and energy consuming, so many make a sacrifice for health with foods to get one through the day that do not support the body but rather, harm it. Wumaniti and Hemp Heroe has a solution for this nationwide dilemma, so fret no more!

Hemp Heroe has formulated the perfect solution to keep one healthy and on the go. With no hidden ingredients! Everything is 100% organic, natural, earth-based food, not manmade substitutes or genetically/chemically altered foods. A Hemp Heroe Energy Bar is equivalent to a meal that satisfies all your nutrition needs for energy burning and muscle building! The perfect solution to protein and energy bars packed with sugars, carbs, and other harmful ingredients that defeat healthy body building. Hemp Heroe Energy Bars are the perfect grab and go! A great power-up when you're on a health kick trying to get nutrients and burn toxins. Hemp Heroes and Wumaniti are here for you!

The Hemp Heroe Energy Bars are packed with beneficial nutrients such as, Protein, Fiber, Potassium, Antioxidants, and More! All ingredients, compliment our organic, full-spectrum Hemp with boosting bodily functions. These bars contain the calories needed for optimum performance physical activity and mental alertness.

One Hemp Energy Bar acts as a complete meal!

Containing 24 grams protein, 500+ mg potassium, 12g of fiber, 13g of natural sugar- fruit and honey. With a total of 31g Carbohydrates. 

The Full-spectrum Hemp we use contains amino acids, antioxidants, chlorophyll, and protein along with all the Endocannabanoids such as CBD, CBG, CBA, and More! These protein bars provide an array of health benefits such as, anti-inflammatory and alkalizing effects, plus muscle building and boosting the brain/heart cognitive functions of the body. The Hemp boosts the health benefits of the bars, complimenting the other vital nutrients for an ultimate energy boost to power through.

Other organic, all natural ingredients (that each alone contain an array of health benefits) include:

Almond Butter, Sunflower Seed Butter, Honey, Oats, Blueberries, Goji Berries, and Cacao which are the variety of flavors we carry. The primordial blends of all our products are designed for optimum health and body function, providing optimum performance for athletes, health nuts, or those healing and strengthening active bodies!

Our bars have No Trans Fats, Refined Sugars or Flours. Ingredients kept simple with No Chemicals, Artificial Flavors, or Preservatives. Our bars are 100% GF and Vegetarian. Sweetened and Preserved with Local, Raw Honey only!

So think of us for those perfect Stocking Stuffer and Little Gifts this Holiday Season! The perfect gift contributing to healthy lifestyle and general well-being!

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