Hemp Heroes Tea and Breath

Hemp Heroes Tea and Breath

Try Hemp Heroe's Organic CBD+ TEAS!

Calming Time, Relaxation Technique:

Steep a cup of our Hemp Heroe Night Time Tea, which contains full-spectrum hemp flower, lavender, and chamomile. As long as cup is not too hot to touch, sit holding the cup of tea in your lap or on the table under your nose. Hands cupping around the cup, absorbing the warmth. Take a slow, controlled, deep inhalation through the nose, fill the lungs to the maximum. Exhale slow and controlled through the nose, do this at least 10 times. Notice the notes of lavender and chamomile as you inhale. Close your eyes but bring focus to a soft purple color at the third eye region. Sit with your sacrament, once tea has begun to cool, about 5-10 minutes. Slowly lift cup and sip, focus on gratitude, peace, and ease as you sip. Keep eye-gaze soft, at the tip of the nose while sipping. Enjoy! 

Also try our Day Time Tea which promotes healthy digestion with hemp flower and peppermint!

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