Hemp Heroe's Coconut Oil for Hair Health

Hemp Heroe's Coconut Oil for Hair Health

Hemp Heroe's More than CBD Coconut Oil BodyCare works WONDERS for hair!

Coconut oil alone provides for a natural sun protectant and moisturizer full of fatty acids and vitamin E. Combine this with the full-spectrum nutrients of organic hemp flowers and nourish and regenerate hair follicles, keeping them strong and healthy! Hemp Heroe's Coconut oil tames the frizz, adds some shine, conditions, nourishes (great for after dying), prevents breaking and splitting, and supports hair growth. 

Use a dollop of our MORE THAN CBD Organic Coconut Oil in the morning and massage into scalp and run through hair with fingertips for a daily moisturizer and protectant.

If you do not need the extra shine in your hair for the day, but want healthy, lushes hair, try a hair mask once a week or every couple weeks. Here's how,

Depending of how much or how long of hair you are working with will determine the amount of oil to use for your Hemp Coconut Oil Hair Mask. You want to make sure to completely lather all the hair so it is completely coated with Hemp Heroe's Coconut BodyCare. Make sure you have enough oil to massage scalp, getting the base of the hair follicles. Once hair is completely lathered in oil, wrap head with a scarf, one you do not care to get oil on, and let sit. It is common to do this before bed so one can let oils absorb through the night. In the morning shower, wash out oil, and continue to blow-dry, straighten, curl, dye, bleach, and have fun with your hair while keeping it healthy and strong! 

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