Get protection and safeguard your plant medicine rights.

Get protection and safeguard your plant medicine rights.

Get protection and safeguard your plant medicine rights.

Become a member of Wumaniti and exercise your rights to use plant-based medicines. Here at Wumaniti we are not a dispensary, we are so much more. Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary is a National spiritual religious freedom program.What does this mean? This means our members get nationwide defense when using and carrying plant medicines including but not limited to cannabis and mushrooms.

Our members receive a membership card that is recognized across the country. This card shows that you are protected by Wumaniti when using plant-based medicines anywhere you are in America. Members are also eligible to receive 100% organic plant-based medicines from Wumaniti delivered right to your doorstep. Not only do we take special care when growing and processing our all organic small batch made products. We also educate our members on integration and micro-dosing to further expand and strengthen their experience with these medicines. If you would like to join and stand with our organization of like-minded people follow the link below or call. 


575 776 2856 

office hours 


10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

My Personal experience with the Wumaniti Membership.

I got to say one of the biggest benefits for me is the Peace of Mind. I've been utilizing cannabis since 2001. It has always put my mind at ease. Helping with the daily stresses and anxieties. For the longest time it was looked down on. Now times are different and people are realizing that “hey it wasn't all about getting high”.

Throughout my life I've always tried to educate my peers as well as my elders of the health benefits of cannabis. Wumaniti has not only strengthened and broadened my knowledge of how beneficial this incredible plant really is. It has also put me in touch with Incredible people who share the same beliefs.Thus further broadening and strengthening my knowledge of the powers of Mother Earth.Now that I am a member of Wumaniti I feel like I can express my love for the cannabis plant more openly. With all of this knowledge and being in a great circle of like-minded people I feel secure. Along with the Nationwide defense that Wumaniti provides I can practice with my plant medicines to the fullest extent and comfort.


Fungi psilocybin found to alleviate treatment-resistant depression, Hong Kong to criminalize CBD

In this week’s nutrition news, a landmark study found that psilocybin – a psychedelic prodrug compound produced by fungi – shows promising results in combating treatment-resistant depression. Meanwhile, Hong Kong prepared to criminalize CBD use from February 2023.

In New York City, public hospitals rolled out culturally diverse plant-based meals as the primary option for patients, citing scientific research which suggests plant-based eating offers improved health outcomes.
In a boost to global food security, Russia agreed to rejoin the Black Sea Grain Initiative as world leaders warned of major shortages wreaking havoc across developing countries. Also, the American Heart Association spotlighted the danger of nutrition insecurity in US "food deserts."

Meanwhile, the US Nationwide Retirement Institute found that inflation fuels a nutrition gap among young consumers. Also, the University of Vermont found that the most viewed content on TikTok relating to food, nutrition and weight perpetuates a "toxic diet culture" among teens.

The nutrition industry gathered at the CPHI trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, where NutritionInsight explored how the titanium dioxide ban has driven innovation in clean-label ingredients and delivery formats.

As the US works to tackle the infant nutrition market monopoly, Perrigo acquired Nestlé’s gateway infant formula plant and purchased rights to the Good Start infant formula brand. In the Netherlands, juice wholesaler Flevosap called for the exemption of fruit juices from the incoming Dutch sugar tax.
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