Conscious Awareness for Creating Sustainable Change NOW

Conscious Awareness for Creating Sustainable Change NOW

Conscious Awareness for Creating Sustainable Change

The First Universal Steps to Sustainable Conscious Transformation Manifestation is Compassion. 

Compassion being the highest vibration to achieve as human beings which starts with forgiveness.

 Forgiveness humbles and humiliates the great change inside each and everyone of us to get us to immediately become present, go deeper inside your akashic records, your DNA, and find your internal healing. 

Whenever we encounter adversity, some kind of disruption, that is a call to come more intensely into the present moment so allow the form of experience you are experiencing right now to force you into the present moment otherwise you may be in a state of fear. 

Forget about manifestation and be completely concerned with the present moment with giving it your attention that includes what’s going on around you in the present movement, the thoughts you are going through at the present moment like having thoughts go threw your mind and be aware that thoughts go threw your mind all the time, and now more then ever! 

For most people for the unconscious people, people who are programmed and conditioned can not have no awareness, without awareness there is no movement of thought and reacts to whatever is happening around you and depends on the way your mind was condition and the conditioning of your mind is how you interpret and what kind of narrative of what is happening around you. 

Talking to yourself becomes a story without awareness you are reacting to then something that is challenging limitation loss or disruption the normal thing for most people is a very scary projected thoughts of worry looking at how is this going to affect me, tomorrow next week, projecting yourself in the future with fear is going to affect your life and unpleasant scenarios and you begin to believe as reality though its not reality it's the story you created by reacting around you and confusing what is happening in reality, 

once a presence awareness comes in you suddenly become aware of your thoughts of what is awakening to become aware of what your mind says and this is why it's so important to become conscious because it is intrinsic value to become present with what your mind is doing the  first step is to become more acutely aware of the present moment because if you are not you are at the mercy of your conditioned mind, you become a victim of your own mind, it is true to say that many people experience there worst enemy lives between there two ears, so the first step is coming into the present moment of arising becoming aware of the thinking mind and what thoughts your mind is producing and ask if these thoughts are a reflection or an eviction of my mind is projecting to get worst then the experience that emotion which reflects mind activity so if your mind is producing dangerous thoughts though in the present moment your situation is dangerous or critical than you have to do something to get you out though in this moment is your situation truly critical, first step come aware of sense perceptions and thoughts. 

It is not easy especially if you are trapped in fearful thinking to liberate some of your attention and direct it towards sensory perception, particularly when you find yourself in a reactive situation, all kinds of stories gets taken up by the unconscious thought process then if you find a magnetic pull of your mind a certain gravitational pull, breathe and free your conscious attention and give it to your sense perception. 

Your mind may even create a thought and then the thought might tell you you have other problems, completely irrelevant and the gravitational pull of the conditional mind is there and starts justification of unconscious thinking so once you discover that you don't have to believe in every thought that arrives in your mind this is where the manifestation of betterment occurs.

Telling yourself outloud I don't have to believe in ever thought that comes in my mind is already the liberation implying awareness when you realize you don't have to believe in every thought than it already implies that awareness and fundamental to understand your mind consciousness has another dimension of consciousness in you that we can call awareness and presence. 

Most people millions have not experienced awareness and they don't recognize the moments when the mind subsides briefly, they don't know the mind can stop the game so become aware and then realize how much of your thinking is creating stories that are fearful and create a connection to what is partly a voice in the head, visual images arise then you see yourself as a homeless person, fear rises and if you became present in that moment it might not be that bad.

The present moment is never quite as bad as a mental projection of a future bad moment, there is nothing you can do about what you project in your mind in that moment as the future as it though in the present moment. 

Ask yourself where is the power to meet, what is to come into this moment and become aware and realize in this moment there is no problem as such, not a denial it takes you to a deeper level of presence awareness coming into the moment coming out of the thinking mind into sense perceptions the important part of this moment now look around, listen to whatever sounds may be there, give attention to whatever it is you are looking at and listening to, come to your senses, look at the sky, trees, horses, dogs, cats, plants, water, children anything natural creates less mind activity and more presence. Breathe, feel yourself and the pores of your body breathing.

The mind activity you have engaged in the narrative the unconscious stories your mind created are not helpful like worrying is not helpful worrying is thinking in circles replace it with the awareness of the presence in the now.

Deeply Identify your stream of thinking, it may not be very easy at first to get aware of sense perceptions, why is this hard, because it is continuously being consumed by unconscious thought processes.

So many factors we pray to humble us in that humility where we find our deepest root energy our kundalini our root chakra and we descend to the underworld and surrender and come down to the basic fundamental of what is basic me? Who am I ? What is my basic truth? 

Release the falsehood, the fear, the egos, realize the global change happening self opportunity of people does not disqualify the social discriminazation that is helping us real veil ourselves and our highest nature, being present is about learning, in foreign relations, foreign ideas in a childlike innocent way, this movement as a result of sharing and communicating with like minded souls of differences and presents the humiliation and humbling of Unity. 

One Love One Tribe One Flow Life One Wumaniti Happy Lunar Eclipse.

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