Coconut- an Resource full of Abundance

Coconut- an Resource full of Abundance

The coconut, a super nutritious fruit with a surplus of benefits, a super-food. Try our Hemp Heroe's coconut products. All products are made with full spectrum hemp extract, containing CBD, CBN, CBG, Terpenes,Vitamin D3, B12, and E.

Hemp Coconut Oil BodyCare- Apply on skin and hair, moisturizing and antibacterial, does not clog pores like other oils. 

Hemp Coconut Oil Edible- A substitute for butter in baking, frying, or spread on toast! Unlike butter, coconut oil lowers cholesterol. Its great for blood sugar levels, heart, and liver and can be heated to high temperatures. Try a teaspoon in coffee as a substitute to creamer, it smooth out the flavor and aids in digestion.

Be Bliss Truffles- Hemp, Fair Trade Raw Cacao, Coconut Sweetener -NO REFINED SUGAR

Hemp Cacao- Fair Trade Raw Cacao, Coconut Sweetener, Hemp- NO REFINED SUGAR

Enjoy treating one's self without feeling guilty! Self-care with Hemp Heroe's Coconut Products Today!

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