Cannabis And Exercise: How To Determine Whether It’s Right For You

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Cannabis and CBD oils have been in the news quite a bit lately due to recent changes in the laws surrounding their use, as well as attempts to pass new laws across the country regarding the sale and possession of them. While studies are still ongoing when it comes to figuring out the effects of cannabis on the body, many of them claim to show benefits in relation to reducing inflammation and the symptoms of some medical issues, such as glaucoma. Along with other stress management techniques like deep breathing and recognizing triggers, cannabis can also help relieve anxiety. Some of these benefits are helpful to those who play sports or work out every day, but it’s essential to do some research and figure out if it can help you make the most of your exercise routine.


As with any ingestible product you’re considering taking, it’s crucial to talk to your doctor first and weigh the benefits and possible negative effects. Learning all you can about cannabis and how it works is also important, so do some reading to find out what your options are and what you can expect if you begin using it to aid in your exercise routine. 


Here are a few things you should do to see if cannabis is right for you and your exercise routine, presented by Wumaniti.


Learn the terminology


There are many terms associated with marijuana and CBD, and it can be confusing to hear them all without knowing what they mean. Learning the terminology will help you understand more about cannabis and what it’s used for, and it will aid you in figuring out whether you need it and how to talk to your doctor about it. Do your research and read up on cannabis before you make any decisions. 


Read up on cannabis


Several studies have been done in recent years about the effects of cannabis on the body in relation to reducing inflammation and easing pain, which has led many doctors to believe it can be helpful for post-workout recovery. Because the body has chemicals called endocannabinoids that regulate the immune system and metabolism, there could be a link between the non-psychoactive ingredients in cannabis and the body’s ability to manage pain and inflammation. Keep in mind, however, that every body is different, and that reactions to cannabis are extremely subjective.


Learn the law


While some states have changed their laws in regards to cannabis and how to obtain it, many have not. In some states, purchasing medicinal marijuana requires a medical card or doctor’s note, and must be obtained from a licensed dispensary or doctor’s office. Even where it’s legal, the amount you are allowed to carry or buy is typically less than an ounce. Learn the laws regarding cannabis where you live, and make sure you understand them all. 


Talk to your doctor


Any time you start a new regimen, even if it’s only a different type of vitamin, it’s important to talk to your doctor first and weigh the pros and cons. There may be a better option, or you might have an existing health condition that could be exacerbated by the use of cannabis. Keep communication open with your healthcare provider and get some advice on which path to take before you make any decisions.


Cannabis has been helpful for many people, but what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. Make sure you do some research and find out all you can about it before deciding whether or not to use it in your fitness routine. Keep in mind that nothing is a cure-all for pain; even if it works, you may still need to make some lifestyle changes or modify your workouts.

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