Add DayTime & NightTime Oils to Hot Beverages!

Add DayTime & NightTime Oils to Hot Beverages!

Enhance your morning latte, golden milk, or tea by adding 4 drops of Hemp Heroe's DayTime Oil in the morning and NightTime Oil in the evening. 

The DayTime Oil complements a morning golden milk or tea quite nicely because of the hints of lemon and black pepper that blend with the hemp and add such subtle flavors.

The NightTime Oil compliments a Latte, Hot Coco, or sleepy time Tea by adding the soothing Lavender.

Spice up your morning and evening with a little Hemp extract, Hemp Heroe's Primordial Blends compliment a hot beverage quite nicely, atomically, and tastefully. The heat helps the herbal benefits absorb quickly in the body.  

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