4 Tips for finding CBD that works and successfully taking CBD.

4 Tips for finding CBD that works and successfully taking CBD.

4 Tips for finding CBD that works and successfully taking CBD.

When I first started to take “CBD” really hemp flowers, it took me some time to really figure it out but after 20 years of micro-dosing successfully, I’ve figured it out and in my journey have been helping many others find their way with CBD.

What is Micro-dose?

A very small amount of a nutritious  plant used to benefit from its physiological and physical action.

CBD is a scientific word for one cannabinoid in the hemp plant . 

There are thousands of cannabinoids in a hemp plant. As well as Phytonutrients.

Most CBD companies are making their CBD out of stem and leaf. 

The best cannabinoids live in the hemp flowers, and this is the expensive part of the plant.

Due to the inflation of a market that is making a lot of money off the hemp plant, there have come many corporate entities that have no idea or clue about anything about this plant as well as there are many knock-off companies out there.

In 2014, there were a few hundred companies, in 2017 there were maybe just a few thousand CBD companies, now in 2022 there are close to 1 million companies which only about 6 years ago there were maybe just a few thousand.

So how do we find CBD that works and be successfully taking CBD?

First we need to know where it's from.

Let's check to be sure that the company you're getting the CBD from knows where the plants come from, where they're grown and if they know the process of extraction meaning how It's made.

Second, we need to know what it's made with.

What part of the plant are they using? What do they mean by whole plant if they say so?

Three, How it's made.

From my experience, science has mutilated the hemp plant and I'll explain why. 

The scientific word CBD was created in science and it's just one cannabinoid when in the hemp plant there exist thousands of cannabinoids as well as phytonutrients.

A lot of times the extraction process for CBD destroys at least 80% of the other cannabinoids  and phytonutrients. This other 80% of the plant being destroyed is vital cannabinoids that could be helping with the cell regeneration, getting rid of pain and calming you down.

That's why it's important to know you are getting Organic Hemp Extract made with Hemp Flower CBD oil that is Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum.

 You want to stay away from processing with heavy machinery, poisons and/or made with isolates. As well as even companies that say they are full spectrum, you still need to do your research and ask them how they are extracting.

If they are using any kind of heavy machinery, you are not going to get the best quality oil for your money that way and I'll go further into depth with that one day just follow me.

Four, once you find your trusted source, take it every day.

You want to take it every day for like three months!!! Oh my gosh yes!!! Why, because it's going to regenerate your cell rebuilding system that we call the Endocannabinoid system.

You also want to take blends with other herbs that are also rich in phytonutrients and vitamins that collaborate with the hemp plant because this helps to build a very strong body and mind. 

Micro-dose by taking it in the morning and in the evening

(yes you can even eat it all throughout the day if you wanted to) 

The Hemp plant is so miraculous! 

It's just constantly working for you and your body.

If you are taking our CBD oil,  hold it in your mouth for at least two minutes before swallowing. This helps to get into your bloodstream and your brain stem, which from there spreads throughout your nervous system in your endocrine system which in helping to regenerate cells as well throughout your body is regenerating cell structure.

About the Author:

For over twenty-five years, Gemma Ra'Star has served with her CBD hemp, mushroom, plant medicine herbalism and equine therapy to a variety of people and animals throughout the world. Gemma Ra'Star simple advanced conscious techniques for conditions of chronic pain and hope to serve you in the highest good.

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