3 Ways Organic Hemp Flower CBD is different from Commercial CBD

3 Ways Organic Hemp Flower CBD is different from Commercial CBD

The market is overloaded with bad CBD products, most of the companies have no idea what they are doing!

The Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary Hemp Heroe product line has been producing organic, high quality, non GMO, and solvent free hemp cannabis products for over 20 years! 

We provide free health consultation for all our clients!

Here are 3 Ways the Hemp Heroe Products are different from the commercial CBD companies!

1. Solvent & Poison Free.

We just don't extract that way! 90% of the companies out there extract with Solvents, Poisons, and Heavy Machinery manipulating the nature of the plant just for the scientific "CBD" cannabidiol which there are 100's of endocannabinoids in the plant! We extract not for a test result, we extract traditionally giving you the highest quality product containing 100's of phytonutrients and endocannabinoids instead of just one and the best part is our products are effective and work!

2. We are USA Indigenous Grown, Organically and Non-GMO!

Our indigenous growers have been growing on their ancient soils for generations and they have never seen Monsanto products or toxic fertilizers. We grow organically and use non GMO products. We use natural organic edible sustainable resources for our dirt and nutrient teas.

3. We support sustainable Hemp Lifestyles and Historic Traditions.

If it wasn't for Horses, there would not be Hemp all our the world! Hemp originated in Mongolia over 12,000 years ago and spread through the horses hoofs and the backs of warriors who spread this seed throughout the earth. Our organization is a grassroots non profit providing free equine therapy to our member network. We have 15 amazing rescue horses who provide so much love and healing! No other company is doing this! The Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary are Hemp Warriors!

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