3 ways HempHeroeCBD Daytime Oil Conquers Cravings!

3 ways HempHeroeCBD Daytime Oil Conquers Cravings!

Proven Hemp Heroe CBD Testimonials and More for Daytime Oil,

here are a few:

  • Brain Fog
  • Heart Cognitive Function
  • Cravings
  • Getting over Diabetes
  • Alcoholism or
  • Sugar Addiction
  • Smoking

1.Healthy Ingredients

We recommend taking 3-4 drops of Hemp Heroe Daytime Oil under the tongue when experiencing cravings.

Our Daytime Oil contains Full Spectrum Hemp Flowers (most companies just use the leaf and stem).

We are Organic for as long as the green grasses grow, with Frankincense, Lemon, and Black Pepper. 

Boost immunity, circulation, and help ward off unwanted ailments and entities. 

Our Daytime Oil is made with Stevia which helps satisfy the sweet craving and is Diabetes safe AND is good for the Pancreas!

You may take a couple drops of oil every hour until the craving goes away.

Be sure to hold oil under the tongue for two minutes. 


2.Meditate with Daytime Oil

When taking Daytime Oil, make sure your posture is up right, elongate the spine but make sure shoulders and all other muscles are relaxed. Breathing through the nose, lift the tongue to the top of the mouth, juts behind front teeth.

Open mouth and apply 2-4 drops under the tongue. Sit for AT LEAST two minutes, letting oil absorb under the tongue, breathing through the nose.

Practice every morning and throughout the day as needed.

3. HempHeroe Daytime Oil is Cleansing & Strengthening

If it makes you poop this is a good sign of cleansing by showing you are cleansing and the oil is working.

Stay with it, you are seeking to change stuff that you have also been holding on too!

Do not panic, remember, cleansing is healing. 



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